The Links Post/Improving Our Writing

So I read about writing a lot, and in the process, I come across articles that I obsessively (and probably annoyingly) send to my writer friends. I thought I’d share some of those helpful/hilarious posts here:

Part one of a three-part guide (see, the prevalence of trilogies is even seeping into blog posts!) to revision by Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series.

On diversity in children’s and teen’s books (except writing about diversity in an authentic way is hard to do when you go to RH).

Pub(lishing)Crawl always has wonderful articles on writing, including this one on point-of-view by author Susan Dennard.

The Darkest Minds author Alexandra Bracken (who also works in the marketing department of a publishing company) gives an inside look at the Big 5 (not Big 6 anymore because there was a merger). Perfect article if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be an editor or what other jobs there are in the publishing industry.

A wonderful look at the construction of a scene from one of my favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater.

WARNING: LOTS OF SPOILERS about Clockwork Princess, so if you haven’t read the series and don’t want to know how the love triangle settles out, DO NOT READ THIS. If you have, though, this post has some very valid points about the way in which we see love triangles and the female characters often in their epicenter.

Lastly, a video that is both educational, hilarious, and makes you think about how society perceives class, race, and literature/art. I present: Thug Stories’ summary of Lord of the Flies.


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